Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Do You See

Impossible Perfection
Pictures worth a thousand words
Words design a thousand thoughts
A picture-perfect painting
Seen only in the foreground
But backgrounds bleed into the light
There's nothing absolute here
At the drop of a pin, scenes erased
A world turns upside down
Perhaps it's playing, right side up

Heart without limits, unpredictably beats
Synchronized with scattered hope
A lens is placed, untouched perception
Maybe absolute exists here...
But foresight sees perfection
No chance of flaws, deliberate reigns
A future stains this canvas
A picture worth a thousand words
Words worth a thousand thoughts...

Catch one thought and you'll be waiting
Stay and linger in my silence
No, our eyes can't blink together
If they did we wouldn't know it
Speaking, quiet with our thoughts
The best way to hear, just look at me
I'll draw for you an image
Picture worth a thousand words
Words color a thousands thoughts...

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