Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kings and Queens

Kings and queens of life's beautiful game
Choosing to watch or choosing to play
Dreams of being a queen in another's castle
Like the musing of a far-away, masqueraded attraction

A castle sits, flowers planted here
Choosing what will grow and soon will fade away
Giving pearls to those who enter in
Drawn here still, never forced to stay

Those who watch, amused, behind a fence
Always puzzled because of unseen moves
Because fools create their own reality
Weaved together by imprudent glances

This castle filled with many rooms
Roaming throughout with puzzled enlightenment
Secure in this fortress, a tale no more
New pages revealed from the queen alone

Blank pages are held for life's handsome poem
Why choose to live another's story
This story told with heartfelt voice
Ink that is filled with endless truths

Kings and queens
To each their own
A mansion of faith
Better fit for a queen

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