Thursday, May 27, 2010

My World Becoming

Give me a kiss and I’ll give you a string

To wrap the world around your finger

Or to simply throw it away

It doesn’t mean a thing

Give me a glance and I’ll look past all of time

To erase a piece of broken days

Or to void each boundless, confused heartbeat

I don’t need them anymore

Give me a gleam and I’ll never cry again

To live with an unshielded grin

Or to be a stranger to a painted mask

I can’t forge them anymore

Give me a moment and I’ll write your eternity

To live in this room we call forever

Or to make infinite time become today

I won’t weigh them anymore

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Between Dreams

I had a dream last night...
That it was all bright still and perfect
And you sat just right beside
Me and my thoughts we fed you
Ecstasy in love you were my ticket
To a soft and stainless world
We never left there always
Swimming in a place so in between dreams
Just too magical to talk there
Because you and all your charm
Made me feel like the world without you
Just a box with sun and air
But air without you is like poison
Take me to our world between dreams
And just hold me there forever
Wrapped around the moonlight
Sulking up the silence of this dream
Because words may take away
From the breath you breathe into my mind
Motions me to share this unmarred planet of our own
Forever in between dreams...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In His Own Skin

He basks in the masculinity of his being

He is made perfect by his blemishes and callous hands

He knows she expects everything of him and is not afraid of exceeding those or falling short

All because he lives in his own skin

His touch is gently attacking

His desire is passionately pure

His care is protectively trusting

He lives in his own skin

He leads her through the trials of life

And follows after the fragileness of her heart

He understands her every move

And yet he misinterprets her words alone

He lives in his own skin

He is the armor to her body when she is small and weak

He is the enduring patience within her when she summons to anxieties within

He does not crave attention through the haughtiness of his demeanor

He splendors in the attractiveness of his overwhelmingly large and bleeding heart

He lives in his own skin

He is her prince when life is perfect and all things magical exist

He is in her conscious mirage of heaven, even when she is wide awake

He holds on to her heart when she wants it to herself

He feeds her dreams when reality becomes a trance

He lives in his own skin

His mind is his own

His life bleeds through hers

His guise is his own

Transparent in her eyes

He lives in his own skin

Monday, May 24, 2010

From The Outside In

From the outside in you are beautiful
From the outside in you are confident
From the outside in you are pure
Is that you?

Beneath the perfect combination of skin and eyes, the shell of beauty crumbles
Below the charisma and charm, personality evaporates
Underneath the mask of purity, the mold of selfish ambition is revealed
Where are you?

Satisfaction is painted on your gates
A perfect plan is revealed at your door
Your window is covered with promises
This must be you...

Your past echoes regrets
The design of your life is out of tune
You can't remember the serenade of assurance that was played over and over before
Where are you?

I'm here, in between
Confined by my thoughts
Disturbed with perfection on the outside
Restoring the substance beneath
I'm here, in between