Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Without You, No Longer Normal

Smiles, laughter, content inside
Without a care, nothing to hide
This was my world, the way it looked before
Then you entered in showing me so much more

More to life than dreams and jest
Less of dreams when reality is best
As if all of time was wrapped perfectly around you
Because what you've done to me is far deeper than true

Stopping all of time when you give merely a glance
Leads me to believe that this is more than just chance
Believing clearly in now, heart sings undeniable
Effortless loving, much more than natural

Tasting only this, without you is not normal

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silence through the Noise

Defined by the spotlight shined on you
Or the endless feast of pretentious words
They make up who you are
Satisfying words for the mere second they're alive
Indulging because you're famished
Speaking because you're speechless
Standing proud because you're void

Yes these things are like noises
Filtering the whispers that pinch deep into your conscious
Noise that kills sweet moments of realization
That life is more than popularity
The fairest in the land has no need for proclamation
The air they carry is enough
Because jewels can easily be replicated
Anyone can boast of personal gain
Singing sweet song of satisfaction

But when genuine acts overflow from a substance beneath
That is enough to quiet any impostor
And there's nothing wrong with silence
Because noise is everywhere
Words of silence linger in the air

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Shatter every emotion
Unwrap me from your finger
Erase each ounce of possibility
What's left is what is meant to be

Easy to fit with clouded sensation
Molded with forced form, comfortable for a moment
Meant to test truest frame, to that nothing can be forced in
The simple truth, meant to break what's never fit to be

No sense is made of unwanted answers
When they come so gently after living through question
But they come without a choice but to listen
Hoping to listen once and not hear it again

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kings and Queens

Kings and queens of life's beautiful game
Choosing to watch or choosing to play
Dreams of being a queen in another's castle
Like the musing of a far-away, masqueraded attraction

A castle sits, flowers planted here
Choosing what will grow and soon will fade away
Giving pearls to those who enter in
Drawn here still, never forced to stay

Those who watch, amused, behind a fence
Always puzzled because of unseen moves
Because fools create their own reality
Weaved together by imprudent glances

This castle filled with many rooms
Roaming throughout with puzzled enlightenment
Secure in this fortress, a tale no more
New pages revealed from the queen alone

Blank pages are held for life's handsome poem
Why choose to live another's story
This story told with heartfelt voice
Ink that is filled with endless truths

Kings and queens
To each their own
A mansion of faith
Better fit for a queen

Closest Friend

You're worth more than a million loves
Deeper than any flesh and blood

You smile when I'm laughing
Delighted when I flourish

Your peace is in between
Felt when there is nothing

When I'm weak your love bleeds over
A grieve becomes a mend from you

You watch when I'm learning
Awake when I'm dreaming

Wise when I'm foolish
Strong when I'm hurting

Calm when I'm running
Quiet when I'm asking

Sound through confusion
Gentle through distraction

You let me write my story
Even when you can recite it

You're with me, far as eyes cannot see
With me as far as life can feel

I can feel it when you smile
Captivating life with me

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Do You See

Impossible Perfection
Pictures worth a thousand words
Words design a thousand thoughts
A picture-perfect painting
Seen only in the foreground
But backgrounds bleed into the light
There's nothing absolute here
At the drop of a pin, scenes erased
A world turns upside down
Perhaps it's playing, right side up

Heart without limits, unpredictably beats
Synchronized with scattered hope
A lens is placed, untouched perception
Maybe absolute exists here...
But foresight sees perfection
No chance of flaws, deliberate reigns
A future stains this canvas
A picture worth a thousand words
Words worth a thousand thoughts...

Catch one thought and you'll be waiting
Stay and linger in my silence
No, our eyes can't blink together
If they did we wouldn't know it
Speaking, quiet with our thoughts
The best way to hear, just look at me
I'll draw for you an image
Picture worth a thousand words
Words color a thousands thoughts...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Flying high above the wind, that familiar flight again takes place
Feathers white and stunning as her song
Pierce the air with soft, peculiar grace

Her destination is not clear
But felt it is, so very near

She stops just for a moment, no more alone
Solemn, quiet, it is not her home

Ordinary clouds decorate those skies
She cringes at the thought of ordinary guise

Home is not home, this time is not hers
She leaves for that familiar flight
High above to choose a new escape
Better to fly when the unknown is clear in sight

Faster and higher, this time it is real
So close, still far, that second sight of appeal

Merely existing at rest
Her air is powerful in the skies
It is what she dreams of beneath shut eyes
Set apart, detached, that is where she thrives