Monday, May 24, 2010

From The Outside In

From the outside in you are beautiful
From the outside in you are confident
From the outside in you are pure
Is that you?

Beneath the perfect combination of skin and eyes, the shell of beauty crumbles
Below the charisma and charm, personality evaporates
Underneath the mask of purity, the mold of selfish ambition is revealed
Where are you?

Satisfaction is painted on your gates
A perfect plan is revealed at your door
Your window is covered with promises
This must be you...

Your past echoes regrets
The design of your life is out of tune
You can't remember the serenade of assurance that was played over and over before
Where are you?

I'm here, in between
Confined by my thoughts
Disturbed with perfection on the outside
Restoring the substance beneath
I'm here, in between

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